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Pink Floyd message....

Hello..... Is there anybody out there......??

Wow, either im not getting many postings or this list has gone really
quiet lately..... Hope all is well with everyone..

Things here in the Thawing Tundra... yes there's still some snow left
around..... not alot but some.... well,  things are good... I've
actually had some really nice spawns lately.. One of my pairs of
MacMasteri Rednecks are really pumping out the fry.... Swear to God ,
they think they are Convicts....  

I think i finally have a fertile spawn of Atahualpa.   One of my females
in the group of 1 male, 5 females spawned with the male 2 days ago and
they are BOTH guarding the flower pot... i had to look to see what was
in there, and Voila!!!!  Bright red eggs.... about 30+ of them too....
Im very happy..... This has all happened with way too many tankmates
The 55 that houses my Atahualpa has 7 Cardinal tetras, 7 glowlight
tetras, pair of Betta Splendens and breeding group of Betta Edithae.
Yes breeding group of Edithae.... I know i asked around for anyone with
male edithaes because i was sure i had all females.. well i was
wrong.... yes that happens..... I actually watched the Edithae spawn....
was really cool too..... female spit the eggs to the male after
gathering them up while falling in mid water... Anyways...... Im happy
now.... Gonna have Atahualpa fry soon and Betta Edithae fry soon
too.....unfortunately for the Atahualpa, once i have free swimming fry
about 3 weeks old, im gonna offer the group up to someone for something
different... OH OH OH>...i forgot to mention..... really nicely planted
tanks help hide fry...... one of my other 55 gallon tanks, that house my
sp Maulbruter, which has lots of plants in there, i found a whole bunch
of about month old fry swimming with one of the females along with
around 6 fry that have to be close to  an inch long..... well juvies i
would call them.   See what happens when you cant see in the tank....
$#!% happens..... lol

Well enough ramblings..... Ciao..

Adirondack Johnny

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