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RE: lost everything & Inca50

The Inca 2 and Inca or Inca50 are different fish. The presentation that
Gary Elson did a few meetings ago showed pics of both species.   Nice
enough are both that i now have both species.....  The Inca2 are called
the Hi Fin Panduro...... a very neat fish.... but very different color
pattern wise from the Inca.  If you remember.... Gary mentioned that
when his Inca 2 species spawned the female moved eggs before they
hatched.... this is different from most species as they normally only
move wigglers.. not eggs before they hatch....   Either way, im looking
forward to getting both species to eventually spawn..... My Incas are
coloring up nicely now and im keeping my fingers crossed that i get a
spawn someday soon


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