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Pelvicachromis ID help

Last fall I purchased P. taeniatus "nigerian green"
and P. taeniatus "Bandewouri". through my lousy record
keeping I find that I am not 100% certain which ones
are which and I can't find photos that allow me to
positively ID them. In fact, the more I look at them
the more they look alike.

I have taken some very poor photos of them and they
are here labeled species 1 and species 2.


I have photos of a pair of each and a male only.
Again, I stress these are poor quality photos. I will
try to post better if I can get them.

If anyone can help please! Also please let me know
what characteristics you use to ID them.

I need to add that despite my lack of proper labeling
I have been vigilant about keeping them separate. I
will not allow hybridization. Unfortunate, I am
preparing to distribute these to others and want my
IDs to be correct.

Also, I have lost the address for the West African
list so if anyone can supply it or re-post there I
would be appreciative.

Finally, I am new to this photo posting game so please
excuse any errors.


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