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cacatuoide question

I was reading through the archives at theKrib tonight when I came across
this interesting
tidbit of information:

by "Derek Wingert" <dwingert/MNIC.net>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999
To: "Apisto" <apisto/admin.listbox.com>

I chose to house only Apistogramma cacatuoides in this particular tank.
This species
of Apisto is more tolerant of water parameters than most other Dwarfs. A.
also comes from the silty waters of Northwestern South America, near Rio
which is between Quito and Lima. The water there has a pH of 7.6, a GH of
12* dH and a
kH of 14*. It was reported in Linke and Staecke's book American Cichlids 1:
Dwarf Cichlids
        "The question of water-quality is of special interest. So far, the
opinion was predominant
that soft and acidic water would be advantageous for an optimal husbandry of
these fish.
Examination of their natural habitats however confirmed the presumption that
soft to mod-
erately hard, neutral to slightly alkaline water are more suitable for a
successful long-term
End Quote

Has anyone else had a similar experience with keeping Cacatuoides at
such high ph's?
--C. Alan

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