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Speaker on Sunday June 1

Hi All,

    I go to a mud chat that will be having a speaker in on Sunday June 1st.
at 2pm central time. The speaker will be Yves Fermon. His talk is
tentatively titled "Biogeography and morphological change of different
geographical scale on African fish".

Yves Fermon is a French ichthyologist. He is probably best known for his
work on Lake Victoria and the animals and situations concerning it. He has
written and collaborated on many articles pertaining to the Victorian
species flock. He has a wealth of information and we are honoured that he is
allowing us an opportunity to learn a little something from him.

Although Lake Victorian cichlids are his passion, Yves is currently involved
in other things fishy as well. As of late he is working with African
Synodontis species. He is also working with North American native species as

The chat can be reached several ways. If you have a mud program you can
reach the chat at the following address: Host name is fishroom.seaplace.org
and the port is 1025. You can also telnet using the same address

There is also a Java chat to get there if that is easier for everyone. You
can find a link to it on my homepage:
http://www.netrover.com/~lisab/   Click on the Fishroom link about halfway
down the page.

The first login can sometimes be a pain and take some time to do. If you
would like to attend the chat and haven't yet picked a username, you should
try to log on beforehand so that all you need to do when it's time for the
chat is just signin.

I hope to see some of you there,


PS Sorry if this gets crossposted for some of you!

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