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Spam from Max.New Website announcement!

We hope that you'll enjoy our new pet auction site. This site was designed with pet owners/lovers in mind. You'll find extensive Auction Categories from Aquarium to Wild Birds ready for your auctions.
We added a Dwarf Cichlid and Central American Cichlids category.

Sign up bonuses
Receive a $10.00 Auction Credit on us just for registering on petbidz.com. Receive an extra $10.00 if you refer a friend to petbidz.com.

Growing pains
Petbidz.com is ready for your auctions now. However we're still working on the cosmetics of the site. The main frame is constructed and the site works great. Don't be surprised if the looks of petbidz.com change in the upcoming weeks. We hope that you'll enjoy petbidz.com as much as we enjoyed designing the site for you.
Lois and Max
Owners of L&M Tropicals
The Digital Aquarium

Visit http://www.petbidz.com the ultimate pet supplies auction site.
The Digital Aquarium, home of L&M Tropicals and rare, high quality Dwarf Cichlids: http://www.apisto.bravepages.com

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