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Dicrossus filamentosus

Hi all!

Today I bought my first pair of D. filamentosus (by the way, it was named
Crenicara filamentosus...). They had beautiful individuals in their tanks,
all of them very nice: great colors, perfect shapes and isolated couples in
separate tanks (one of them was ready to spawn, with the typical breeding

I just wanted to know what are the main differences to the apistos.. so far,
on south-american cichlids, I've only tried A. cacatuoides.

My tank is a 240L planted, pH 6,0; dh very low, 27ºC.
- 2x S. aequifasciata axelrodi 'Santarem'
- Pair A. cacatuoides
- Pair A. pandurini
- 10x tetra cardinal

If someone has special advices about this new fish, thanks! ;)


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