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Re: Help for "A. rubrolineata"

Preem........ A. rubrolineata are not too picky.  The hardness does not seem
to be a particular problem.  I've had viable incidental spawns in medium
hard water and a pH of about 7.  I was not looking for them to spawn but
they did!  This new apisto is really a good beginner fish.  Like a Pandy,
the Rubro is out front like a puppy dog all of the time.  Very little hiding
easy to feed and it seems relatively easy to spawn!

Have a great week!


           Mike Jacobs
Inca 50's & A. sp Fresa...in stock
   Peruvian Apistos Plus more...

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From: "Prem Prageet" <gax@gmx.ch>
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Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 2:25 PM
Subject: Help for "A. rubrolineata"

> Hello,
> since yesterday I have a young couple of "Apistogramma rubrolineata".
> Does  anybody has any information about these fishes? E.g. what
> temperature do  they like, how can you breed them etc. etc...
> I am very thankful for any reliable information about these fishes.
> Best wishes
> Prem.
>  In Liebe, Prem

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