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Off topic, but kinda odd...

In my fish room, I have 3 old pets mart tanks that I have plumbed together
to from a 75 gallon~ish tank system.  I had to redo some of my substrate
because a sand I was using was driving my Ph up.  All of the moving around
of the substrate caused an in advertent rise in nitrites in my system.

To make a long story short, all of the 'important' fish got moved out the
tanks system, and some cycle fish moved back in.  One tank now has 10 zebra
dainos in it, and another tank has 4 orange platys in it.  I originally had
some black mollies in with the platys, but the nitrites were too much for
them, and they passed on, but not before leaving an offspring in the tank.

As is my custom with live bearers, I generally rear the young in a small
Tupperware dish floating on the surface with small holes cut in the bottom.
I then use old nylon stocking material to cover up the holes, using  a lid
with the center cut out of it to hold the material in place.  So when I
noted the new molly arrival, in went my floating rearing tank.

Today, when I went to feed the lone molly fry (he gets crushed flake food),
I noticed to my astonishment that there was another fish in with him!  There
appears to be a very small silver fish that has taken refuge in my rearing
tank.  The only way I can figure he got in was through a couple of small
hole in the nylon material on the bottom of the container.  The only thing
it could be is a zebra diano fry, but in order for the fry to get into the
tank , it would have had to get out of the zebra tank (there are 10 hungry
mouths there), and into the tank outlet pipe.  From there, he would have had
to have gone through my trickling filter, and then survive the trip through
my little giant pump into the platy tank.  Then he would have had to have
gotten past the 4 very hungry platys, and found the hole in the nylon
material to take refuge in my floating tank.

Now if this fish were a person, I would tell him to go buy a lotto ticket
before his luck gives out.  I may start him on vinegar eels tomorrow, just
to see what he grows up to be.  If it is not a zebra diano fry, then I don't
know where it came from.
--C. Alan

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