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Re: Fry

<<im sure Mr. Rich is fuming at you spawning fish
again that he wants to get to spawn......lol>>

Nope, not any more, ask him about the diplos!!
<<Just dont give him anymore Pelvicachromis
species.... He kills them..... lol>>

I have a nice group of Nigerian reds, and a nice group
of humilus that doing just fine thanks very much!

I'm pretty sure my canditi will be spawning soon. I
added peat and oak leaf litter, and the male is
colored up and displaying to the females. They really
like the leaf litter, and seem to almost always be
out. before...I never saw the. I have a very nice pic
of the male on the front page of my site 
I will be updating my sit with more apistos this
weekend, including some nice shots of the diplos!


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