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Re: A. nijsseni issue

I found that when it became urgent for the female nijsseni to spawn (to get rid
of the eggs pressing her body) then she did it with any available male. Of
course, after spawning the female didn't accept the male to be around.  


>From: Mike & Diane Wise
>Reply-To: apisto@v2.listbox.com
>To: apisto@v2.listbox.com
>Subject: Re: A. nijsseni issue
>Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 15:13:12 -0600
>A. nijsseni is one of the apistos that forms a mated pair during breeding
>periods. The fish can be very choosy about who they will breed with.
>your male or female isn't interested in breeding with the 'mate' you picked.
>have 2 options: either add additional nijsseni (in a much larger aquarium) and
>let the fish pair naturally, or keep the fish you have and hope they decided
>bond later (It does happen at times.).
>Mike Wise
>The Haunted wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > I have a pair of A. nijsseni in a 15 gallon planted and sand bottom tank. I
> > was hoping to breed these fishes as when I got them they looked ready to
> > Anyway, for hte last few monthes the female has hidden in pvc tube or
> > between two pots where the male cant get near her. She comes out to eat but
> > that is all. He patrols the tank. I have exerpimented with target/dither
> > fish. I put in 6 flame tetras and he killed them all. Which sucks cause i
> > really like flame tetras hehe. Anyway I put some more robust fish in there,
> > this time a green swordtail(another as soon as I catch it) Hopefully they
> > are faster and can handle his attacks.
> > Is there anyway I can get them to breed??? the ph has been between 5-6.5
> > depending on whether i used RO or tap water for the water change. The only
> > tds in the water would be from the HCL i initially used to lower the ph.
> > The male is gigantic, he must be full grown for sure. The female is about
> > half his body size.
> >
> > Any suggestions? If they do breed I dont want to loose the babies to
> > whatever target fish I put in. I think he already killed the 2nd female
> > came with her.
> >
> > thanks
> > coby
> >
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