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Ram fry

Hey All......

I finally suceeded in getting my Rams to give me fry..... this has been
one of my nemesis fish. for some reason i could never keep ram fry
alive..... parents would always eat them 2nd day post free swimming or
i'd kill them by trying to raise them seperately...   Well i now have
free swimming fry for about 3 days now..   I guess the big key to thier
survival has been that i now use "walter Worms" as a food for the fry.
Walter Worms are a form of mini microworms, half the size of regular
microworms and these guys stay alive longer in the water.... so this is
cool.... looks like i'll be able to raise a batch of Ram fry for
once.....   This along with that nice batch of Elizabethae fry that are
growing up keeps me happy.

Also.... Wanted to wish everyone here in the States a Happy 4th of
July.... Keep it safe and enjoy the weekend!!   Have a nice weekend to
all others who dont celebrate this holiday!!


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