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Re: Looking to buy bags

Hello Matt

I ended up buying my bags from www.associatedbags.com.   I bought a case
( 1000 ) 5 X 24 and a case of 8 X 24s.    Both are really good quality
bags..  I am very happy with the quality of their bags.    It ended up
costing me only $87 for the 2 cases with shipping.    But that was also
a 20% discount for my first time purchase.... the 5x24 were $39 and the
8x24 were $50.... plus shipping was $15.   would have cost me $104 if i
didnt have that initial discount.    Reason for buying these sized bags
is that they make perfect apisto bags..... 2 of the 5x24's fit into a
8x24 bag just fine.. i like the longer bag because i can tie the bags
rather then using rubber bands.... i can make a nice neat tighter firm
bag by tying them instead of using rubber bands..... I need Rich
Grenfell to teach how he makes such nice firm bags using rubber


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