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Crenicichla regani?

Wow, what a surprise. This morning I found about 200 fry swimming around my pair of C. regani(?) . I knew something was up. I haven't seen the female for a few days. She used to come to the front of the tank around feeding time but was missing for a few days.
Question for all of you:
I'm currently keeping two different kind of what I think are C.regani. The pair with the fry was bought from my local store. The male has a bright red line in his dorsal fin ,very pretty.
I also have wildcaught pairs of C. regani "Alenquer". The Alenquer males don't have any color like my breeding male in their dorsal fins. I'm not sure if my breeding pair is C.regani. All photos on the web look like my Alenquer's. Any ideas? What forms of C.regani are known so far?

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