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Re: Temp / sex ratio

Try to raise the fish in 75-76 F water temps... 
I've found that this seems to work best for most of my apistos to give
me decent sex ratios. 
also depends on the pH of your water too!!
I've found very acid water with a high temp gave me mostly males...  One
summer, one of my grow out tanks yeilded 44 Males and 3 females , Temps
due to summer conditions were in the upper 80s and the tank had very low
pH, somewhere under 6 , i cant remember to be exact.   Yet another tank
in cooler weather yeilded 96 females and 4 males....  So im not sure
what really caused my extreme ratio's.... I never did check the pH on
that tank that gave me mostly females.....  Funny part was, i had NO
problems selling all those females..... i thought for sure i was going
to have to use them to feed my Oscar pair at the time... 


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