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Aga Disease - Help needed


I had a perfect regulary spawner couple of agassizii but lost the female 2 months ago.

She lost weight gradualy and in spite of trying to eat, would end up spitting out all food. These fish were fed with live or frozen food namely frozen adult artemia, mysis and bloodworms and live black mosquito larvae, daphnia and grindal worms. One symptom something was not right was the fact that, apart from some heavy breathing, there was frequently a whitish strip coming out of her anus and it seemed to stay there for quite long.

Now, after a stressful summer (high temperatures and a feeding accident that polluted the tank quite a lot) the male is starting to show the same symptoms and I will try my best to save him.

Could this be intestinal flagelates or guill worms? I saw a similar situation in a couple of discus (lack of appetite and whitish and thin fezes) and the deparasitation cure aimed against IFs and GWs worked and was able to save them.

Should I try something like that with my poor fellow? Do the same medicines applying to discus work with apistos? Is the dosage the same?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Nuno Prazeres

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