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Re: Water parameters needed

In a message dated 9/11/03 4:05:40 PM, yannfulliquet@yahoo.fr writes:


I am looking for several water parameters and description of river's bottom.

I am searching for the information for the following rivers:


Rio Napo, Rio Nanay, RIo Atacuari, Rio Ucayali, Rio Pachitea, Rio Madeira, 
Rio Agarico, Rio Orreguaza, Rio Caquera, Rio Parnahyba, Rio Yavari, Rio 
Huytoyacu, Rio Cabriales, Rio Bobonaza, Rio Huallaga 


I was on a collecting trip two years ago that went up the Rio Nanay. The 
river bottom was mostly clay, with little or no vegetation. The pH was 5.6 and the 
TDS was 2 microsiemens. The temperature was always 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The 
water was cloudy with suspended clay, which settled in a jar to yield clear 

Lee Harper
Media, PA

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