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Some cacatuoide females looking for a Man!

I have now lost track of how many unfertile clutches of cacatuoide eggs I
have had in the past six months,
but between my two males and five females I have had one batch of fry.

I was keeping three females and a male in a 10 gallon tank, along with a
couple of black neons for
dither fish, but the male died.  However, my only spawn to this date came
out of this tank.  The tank
was a fairly simple affair with some floating plants, and sponge filter.
The tank is infected with
blue green algae, and I will be treating it in the next few weeks.  I keep
the Ph at about 6.8, with a
temp of 78, KH <1, and 90 PPM of hardness.

I have two other females in a 25 gallon tank that is an old petsmart tank.
The tank is part of a
three tank system that I keep rams, and a few Aps. "Rotpuk"s in.  The male
is a really nice looking
triple red that I would love to breed, but to this day, he has not spawned.
This is the tank I currently
have another crop of white eggs in.  The tank has a little current in it
because of the filtering system, but it
also has some nice plants, and a few flowerpots planted in fine sand.  The
pH runs about 7.2, with a temp
of 77, KH<1, and about 100 PPM of hardness.  They have been in this tank
since April, and I still have not
gotten any viable eggs out of them.  The tank does have some dithers, and
the fish are always out in the open.

I feed all of my Cacatuoides a mixture of flake food, and red worms.  I do
occasionally give them some white
worms and bbs.

I am at the point that I am ready to give up on my nice triple red male.  As
much as I would like to breed him,
he just is not cooperating. I don't know why he is not interested.

So, are there any male cacatuiodes out there looking for a home?  Or does
anyone have anything to suggest I try
get the male more interested in the females.


--C. Alan

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