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Lucky fishstore find

The central Valley of California is an Apistrogramma wasteland, poplulated mainly by petsmart, and petsco.
Most of the small shops are just hanging in there, and sell mainly salt water fish and inverts to make a 
living.  The only exception I have found is Whities pets in Fresno.  I was in Fresno yesterday for a Caltrans
training conference.  On the lunch break, I went over to whities in hopes of finding a male krib for my
two females.

When I went in and checked out the tanks, to my surprise, they had Agassiziis.  The fish looked quite plain, but
I attrubuted that to the water quality at the fishstore. I picked out a couple of females and a male, and they made
the two hour trip with me back to Wasco after the confence ended.  I have them set up in a 27 gallon tank with 
a big piece of drift wood that has quite a few holes in it.  I guess it always pays off to have an extra aquarium ready
for when you find those unexpected Apistorgrammas.

--C. Alan

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