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LFS find

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've listed a post, so I thought that I was becoming

I had an interesting experience last night.  I had some time to kill after
leaving work, so I stopped into a LFS that has java moss cheap at times, and to
my surprise, in the very last tank in the store, there were a group of apistos
hiding in the back of the tank.  They were of course completely uncolored, so
it was impossible for me to tell what type they were, but I grabbed them all up
as they were surprisingly placed in a "88 cents a fish" tank.  They're settling
in nicely at home now, and it looks like there may be 4 males and 2 females,
although they're still a bit young to completely tell.  Two of the fish look a
little more bullet shaped, but again, too young to display any mock spawning
behavior to really reveal their sex.  I was hoping to post a pic or two to the
list to help with identification.  I'm totally new to digital cameras, does
anyone have any advice for compressing or converting a jpg file to a smaller
memory so that I can email it to the list?

Thanks!  Have a terrific weekend everyone,



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