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*Disclaimer* Comments about my lfs

Hey everyone,
The list activity seems to have been slowing lately.
Anyway, I wanted to inform everybody about my great
LFS in Austin, TX. Aquatek just has a great variety of
rare and mostly wild apistos that are fat from feeding
;), including breitbinden, uaupesi, f0 macmasteri, f0
cacautoides, f0 agassizii, f0 D. sp "tapajos",
possibly some very young gibbiceps (f0), and more!! If
you are ever in the austin area you must drop by their
place. I went in to their shop to look for driftwood
and came out with 7 wild d. filamentosa. Awesome shop!

David Lim

p.s. **usual disclaimers*** just a very happy
customer. I think they do mail orders too ;).

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