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Agassizi fast breeding

Well, it is official, the Agassizi trio I purchased a week ago Thursday has
laid eggs.
I went in to feed them this evening, and I noticed one of the females had
lost her
dorsal stripe, and was guarding one particular spot on the large root I
placed in their
tank.  I got my flash light, and I could just pick out some bright red eggs
just under
the side of the root.

I have been feeding these guys mainly bbs for since I got them.  The water
was at
78 degrees F, and the pH has been between 6.6 and 6.4.  I know it is bad
luck to
count your eggs before the hatch, but I am looking forward to a new batch of

--C. Alan

BTW: way back when I started posting on this list, someone stated that these
could be addicting.  Well, I am finding that it is true.  I have managed to
breed three
species, and I am thinking about which species I will try next.

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