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fish stores

Hi all,
As we regularly get some email through the list about good fish stores to
look for our favorite fish, we would like to add a page on our website
(www.southamericancichlids.com) with that respect.
If you know some good places to go fishing, could you provide us with:

- Store name, complete address, phone number (&fax?), website
- Store opening hours if you know them
- Person working in it that you would recommend to talk to
- Particular features that you like in this store (ex: variety of fish,
knowledgeable person, etc...)
- your opinion about the overall store
- Any other info you think is usefull (ex: mostly african dwarf,
american cichlids only, day they receive their fish, quarantine time,
quality/price, etc...)

Although, since they will mostly be fishstores in which we haven't been
ourselves, we would ask for your autorisation to write something like:
"recommanded by Jim Richard (for example. I just made the name up. Any
ressemblance would be pure coincidence!), followed by your email address.
If many emails come in with the same recommandations, we might just write
a summary of your opinions and a list of all your names. If some are
missing, please don't be mad ! ;-)
We will regularly update the page and stores will be tidied by States (now
that smart huh !!? ;-)  )

Maybe in the futur could we also create a page on our site or else where
with the direction of the list members (those who would like to do so:
no obligation of course) so that we can all know who is
where. When you will be traveling here or there, you could have the
direction of one of us to eventually meet.

thank you all for your input
 have a good week

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