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Collecting Cichlids in Uruguay

Dear Sonia,
Hope Dave & you enjoyed your trip to Lake Malawi.
Have you started diving as well now? Look forward to hearing about the trip or reading about it in one of your articles. Perhaps you should do a presentation with slides at the next BCA meeting.

I received this e-mail from Hyber Salvia in Uruguay, which you or some of your friends might be interested in.
Best wishes,
From: "Heber Salvia" <hebersalvia@hotmail.com>
To: irvk@maine.maine.edu, ignatius.tavares@kcl.ac.uk,
tim.henshaw@bolton.gov.uk, a22ana@netzero.net, heather.hall@zsl.org,
Eartheater@btinternet.com, g.f.turner@biosci.hull.ac.uk,
reklos@otenet.gr, barlowgw@socrates.berkeley.edu,
tanganyka@bigfoot.com, gkadar@sympatico.ca, fyawitjr@yahoo.com,
Subject: Collecting in Uruguay
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 08:55:34 -0300

Dear cichlidophile friends,
First of all it is a great pleasure to be able to contact you to share our pasión for fish. We are a group of hobbyists from Republica Oriental del Uruguay, who are by this moment developing a project of plannified collecting journeys within our country. We direct to you with the idea of making you know about the characteristics of this project, wich we are sure will be of much interest for many of you. We wish to pass to you the enthusiasm we feel everytime we go out arround this lands, and discover the amazing marvels hidden in our rivers and lakes. So we invite you to participate of this plannified journeys, starting right now that the hot season has definitelly settled down in our hemisphere. The idea is to provide those who decide to come fishing, all the necessary elements for this activity to take place in the very best condition, in order to achieve better results with a minimum of inconvenients, always assisted by experienced and specialized guides.
We own the vehicle and the materials as well as the place to store the fish till departure. Also, we obtain the necessary permissions issued by authorities to bring the fish, and organize everything that has to do with lodging, transfers and alimentation before, during and after the journey.
Our waters host five Genera and arround thirty species of Cichlidae, as well as a great variety of other fish as Ciprinodontoids, Characins, Silurids, Electroforids, etc. Security and health conditions are perfect for developing this kind of outdoor activities. We intend to show this richness to those who are able to appreciate it, in order to make it known by many ones, and then fairly valuated.
So then, friends, we wish you receive this invitation with pleasure and strongly encourage those interested in more details to contact via e-mail to the following address:
Next we are publishing a web site illustrating them.
By now we send to you an attached file for those who would like to comment it to other friends.
A great salutation from Uruguay,
Heber Salvia y Pablo Laurino.

At 16:38 02/10/2003, Sonia Guinane wrote:
To all our dear friends,

Our 2003 Malawi trip is finally here! Dave and I will be flying to Lilongwe,
Malawi, Saturday 4th October and should be back in the UK, Monday 27th

Hope to hear from you then. Take care.

Sonia & Dave

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