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Re: Pimental Problem?

"Liptrot, Pete" wrote:

> >I often begin treatment of tanks with such afflicted animals >with baby
> brine shrimp or microworms about a week or so after >onset of symptoms.
> Whew, thanks Martha. The other symptoms are just as you describe. I was
> going to dump in some Contraridstopichmycinazole, but then I read somewhere
> that I should add a handful of salt as well.

****** Well, modern medicine is all well and good, but I prefer to stick with
older remedies and alternative therapies. Are you familiar with homeopathy?
According to the principles upon which it is founded, "Like cures like." I find
that this is a sensible approach, and in your case I would suggest filtering
your water through a jar of pimentos.

> What about if I see any little moving things? Should I siphon them out and
> get rid of them?

******* Yes, absolutely siphon them out! This is known as a "starter culture,"
and you would get rid of it by passing it along (free!) to another aquarist.

> I asked at a shop, and they said they'd sell me some sort of fish called an
> Erythrinus that would stop any further problems. Is this like a Cleaner
> Wrasse?

****** I guess I forgot to ask you to clarify in my earlier post: do you have
saltwater apistos? I am not a saltwater hobbyist, so I'm not sure if a Cleaner
Wrasse would satisfy the criteria of feng shui... you would have to take your
shop's advise on this regard. If you have the more common freshwater apistos, I
would suggest an arrowana (preferably red). It is possible that the new Glofish
would be helpful, as well (http://www.glofish.com) .

> Any further advice would be most welcome.

******* Always glad to help a fellow apisto fan!

> Pete

Webmistress Amazon Queen

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