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Mixing apisto species

This is my first time posting to this list. I've been keeping Apistogramma cacatuoides (triple reds) for about 6 years now. A year or so ago I picked up a yellow caca strain labeled as "rio ucayali", as well as a pair of panduro (or pandurini...don't know which is correct name), and some aggies. I also got a trio of A. breitbinden several months ago and recently added some wild pairs--cacatuoides, panduro, cruzi, norberti, and hongsloi. Oh and a pair wild P. ramerizi. They are all housed in five 20Ls, three 30's, one 15 and three 10's.
I am trying to determine the best combination for breeding as I have limited space and no more room for tanks. Have any of you managed to breed more than one species together in a 20 or 30?
My norberti spawned and are keeping the cruzi pair at bay in a 30, but I'm planning to move the cruzi elsewhere. I also have some dwarf bristlenose plecos now breeding, currently in with some triple reds.
Also, while out of town for a couple weeks I lost both wild female cacatuoides and panduro (both pairs were housed together in 30) as well as one hongsloi and ramerizi (also housed together in 30). I don't know if there were problems with the females or if it was likely aggression.

Is there any species that panduro will share a tank with and not harass to death? Would a reverse trio (which I now have although one male is alone at present) be a bad idea?
All tanks have flower pots and plants (some more planted than others). I'd appreciate any suggestions you all may have. Thanks!
Carvi Shamsid-Deen
Specializing in Gifts for the Avid Aquarist

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