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Identifying females

Dear friends,

I have been trying to spawn a trio of agassizii but after 9 different spawns never saw any wigglers - the eggs just start disapearing on day 3 however they dont seem to catch any fungus - they never become whitish.

Water parameters look more or less ok - pH 6,4, DH 2 Temp 24 (I know :-) it could be a little warmer). I feed them only live food - daphnia, grindal worms and grey mosquito larvae, the latter representing almost 80% of the diet which might explain why they spawn with only 10 days intervals. Agressive water changing is also used (10 to 30% between 3 and 5 times per week).

I am starting to get suspicious about the females. When they spawn they dont become as yellow as some other aga females I know, the eggs are just slightly redish which differ from the regular aga ones I saw before. One intriging detail is the fact that they show a double spot when in spawning coloration. I never heard anything about a double spot in aga females. However, this are not wild specimens for sure so selective breeding might explain the fact.

Hopefully I will get some pics, but for now I would just like to ask for your help concerning this double spot issue. Do aga females show double spots? If not which species do?

Thanks in advance and Merry Xtmas

Nuno Prazeres

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