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Paraguay and Amazonas

Dear friends,

Can somebody clarify one doubt I have.

This two systems seem to connect in the Bolivian/Brazilian border just like Amazonas and Orinoco connect in the upper Rio Negro.

Is the A. trifasciata (or trifasciatum?) the only registered species that shares the two systems?

Are A. borellii, A. commbrae and A. trifasciata the only Paraguay system apistos? 

Is there any known collection data of A. borellii in the Guapore section where A. taeniata and A. incospicua (appart form A. trifasciata) apparently occur?

Sorry to post so many questions but I am working in a biotope project and I want it to be perfect :-)

 :-) Of course I would prefer to travel there, collect myself and share the info with the rest of members but things sometimes do not work the way we like :-)

Best regards

Nuno Prazeres

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