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Re: Paraguay and Amazonas

Was reading your conversation with big interest. I have been thinking about this since I´m very interested in the southern species as Borellii, Commbrae and Trifasciata.
I would like to have some comments to my thoughts below.
As I understand the development of species within a genera moves in the direction of more and more specialized species. And would say that the amazon basin inhibit a lot of highly specialized apisto species, while the paraguay/ parana basin is not.
The three endemic species (Borellii, Commbrae and Trfasciata) in the paraguay/ Parana basin are regarded as non-specialised highly oppurtunistic species. (As far as I understand).
Wouldn´t  that also confirm the theory that these species have migrated from north to south in a relatively late period?
Best regards/ Per

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