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Re: Volume 2 of Cichliden Atlas

Gee sensitive aren't we? You like to dish it out but dont like it when you 
get your own wise cracks back at you. I detect a great sense of anger and sour 
feelings in your e-mail. Perhaps it is you who should go back into hideing you 
over grown idiot. To be honest I do not know much about Uwe Romer because I am 
not a nerdy treky type like you excuse me. I love Apistos but doi my own 
research from my own experiences. It is a hobby and we should be allowed to enjoy 
it as we wish amnd allowed to ask questions on this forum geez excuse me mr 
high and mighty. It is people or shall i say jerks like you that has kept this 
list silent and not as talkative as it should be. Nest time e-mail me personaly 
or just keep it off list. your a jerk John what else can be said. you over 
reacted and you look like an ass. Now back to the serious o fmy hobby. I do not 
need to idolize authors to be a breeder and avid lover of dwarfs excuse me. 


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