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RE: Changes..


The big clue is they have both you and this list in the address book.  So it's probably someone from this list.  What gets weird is when you start getting returned messages advising you you have a virus. 

The messages I received (two) came from an IP address of, which resolves to dochs.org, the Daughters of Charity Health System, who run healthcare services on the Californian Coast.  I've yet to know of a virus/trojan that can fake IP addresses.  I know there is a list command that can return all the members and their email addresses, but I haven't the time to find or use it.  

If this organisation sounds familiar to you, please either update your antivirus software and/or run it.


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> Well Folks..... I didnt send this and My Webtv is uncapable 
> of having a
> virus... you need a hard drive to have a virus and webtv has no hard
> drive, which is why is basically just an email machine...... sorry....
> but someone who has me in their email addy folder has a virus which is
> generating these messages.....  Maybe it's time to change my email
> addy...
> John

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