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SA Cichlid business FS

Well established Tropical Fish business for sale

It took a long time to come to this decision , but it's time for me to move on. A well established web based Tropical fish business is now for sale. Here's your chance to take over a tropical fish breeding and retail business that provided good extra income for several years.You could run the business from home as a hobby or make it your main income source if you're willing to invest the time in it. I'm selling the business because I like to spend more time with my family and my other hobbies.

Before you read on: Serious inquiries only please . I won't sell the tanks and fish seperately.

This offer includes an established customer base, a website : The Digital Aquarium http://www.apisto.bravepages.com
with many published articles/hundreds of fish photographs(you could sell the photos if you like), shopping cart feature. The equipment and rare fish (breeding pairs) needed to run the business. I'll also help you in establishing a relationship with my suppliers.
All tanks are prepared for the publishing of quality fish photography!

Here's a list of some of the hardware included in this offer:

Central air supply system for 50+ tanks

100gpd R/O unit with water storage container and shutt of valve

3 -20g long tanks with hood lights/ filters and heaters

7- 10g tanks with hood lights/ filters and heaters

1 -30g tank with hood lights/ filters and heaters

1-33 g hex show tank with hood light/ filters heaters and stand

1- 20g high with hood light/ filter and heater

2- 5g with filters /heaters

2-2.5g with filters / heaters

Most tanks are planted

3-powerheads and heaters for storage containers

Sump pump with 50' hose for waterchanges

2-Brine shrimp hatcheries

Digital water testing equipment (Ph and TDS)

Around 1000.00 in fish ready for sale

Shipping supplies such as boxes/heating pads and your first supply of foam lining.

Macromedia Dreamwaver software to keep the website updated.

Fish foods, live food cultures and recipe for our own frozen food formula

There's so much more in this offer that I can't think of at this moment.

I will help the new owner as long as needed to get started.

Sorry I can't ship all the tanks/ fish and plants.The business is based in the greater DC/ Baltimore area.

Please e-mail Max (mgallade@hotmail.com) for any further questions.

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