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thoughts on color morphs and locations of various Apistos

Hi all, 

It's been a long time since I've posted to the list,
and it looks like its been awhile since there was any
real traffic here.  Hopefully the 'experts' I'm trying
to reach will still be out there listening.  

What I'm interested in learning about are the color
morphs/location morphs of various Apisto species.  For
example in A. bitaeniata we have quite a few wild
color morphs that are usually referred to by location
of collection.  Ie - Mike Jacobs at Southern Apistos
right now A. bitaeniata morphs including Curutu,
Momon, Rio Pastaza, Rio Tigre, Shishita, Shushupe..

My question is, when I look at pictures of different
locations and color morphs, it only seems to be the
males that exhibit the major differences
morphologically.  The females will sometimes follow
suit but, across most species and groups of Apistos,
the trend is for the males to show the variation in
color/size/markings/etc within a species.  (Feel free
to refute this, its just my own observation.)

I realize at this level of the hobby that most people
keep their locations separated to avoid cross
breeding.. but has anyone had experience in
indiscriminately throwing together their color morphs?
 More specifically, I want to know if the females, or
the males, prefer their own color morph/location, or
will breed with whomever they like best in terms of
other attributes that we may, or may not, be able to

Oh, last thing, if this has been covered ages before,
please let me know and I will try mining the archives
for the info.  Its pretty difficult to navigate the
archives though and the search doesnt seem 100%
reliable at returning all the possible threads.  

Thanks very much to all of you - hope everyone on the
US side had a great Thanksgiving.  


Sarah M. Lardizabal
Wildlife Conservation
University of Delaware

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