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I got a hold of some Golden Pearls (I'm not too sure which kind it was . . .
I think there are several flavors) and I didn't have too much luck with it
for new fry (like John . . . some people do!) BUT I did mix it with some
finely crushed flake and several other dried and freeze-dried foods and it
was WONDERFUL FOR TETRAS AND THE LIKE smallish fish.  Even some of the fully
grown apistos just rushed to this great mix of dry foods.  I now always have
a mixture I made up of these dry foods in a can ready to feed any time I just
walk past some of the tanks.  I don't usually use it for a complete feeding
but more as an "I'm walking by and here's some food" type of meal . . . the
tetras just go nuts over the dry food after they get used to it.







Mike Jacobs

CAT Program

Lakewood High School


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