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Intro and question

Hi Everyone,
For several years I've kept various New World chiclids.  After a period of transistion when I didn't have any tanks, I now have a 55 planted tank set up with 3 cory catfish and 2 blue rams and a mystery fish I'm hoping someone here has heard of.  To me it looks like a gold ram but my lfs insists it is something called a "ramgel." I had the fish guy dip it out because he made me a deal on a trio then discovered he didn't have a trio of blue rams.  So, I got this fish thinking it's a gold ram then was informed by the fs owner that "It's not a ram.  It's a 
*ramgel*"as I was paying.  I have spent the weekend observing the "ramgel's" behavior.  He schools with the female blue rams and seems to court them.  If he's not a ram, he's not bothered by a few minor differences in coloration and labeling :-) 
Of course my lfs is not open today and on the weekends they are manic so I intend to go in tomorrow evening after work.  My weekend googling revealed nothing.  The only difference I can notice between this fish and a typical ram is maybe a slightly deeper body.  Any help would be very appreciated.

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