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Hi Everyone,


 I have 3 Apisto Borelli in a 75 gallon planted aquarium, and I'm rather
disappointed in their coloration. They have some blue in their faces as well
as some red specks, but really no other color to speak of. The pictures
often show them with more yellow in the body. I've had them for about 6
months, and while they have colored up a little since I picked them up at a
Cichlid swap in the Chicago area, they are not as nice looking as I'd hoped.


Is this due to strain? Could it be aquarist-induced somehow?





Kevin . . . you probably have the "Opal" form of A. borelli.  It does not,
for the most part, carry the intense blue and yellow, that the standard form
does . . . there are exceptions.  It is written in most Apisto books that
the blue/yellow forms and the Opals are both caught from the same pool of
fish in the wild.  From that you could infer that if your pair of Opals bred
that you would get the standard blue/yellow form from that hatch.  I can't
verify that statement . . . maybe someone else can!  Sometimes however those
strains have been "set" by the people breeding them.  If your pair are very
far away from wild then that "setting" of the Opal strain is a possibility
also . . . there are always if-ands-or-buts it would seem!


Any other questions just holler!




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