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Re: Newbie Question

Hello Vic

Alot depends on what you're looking to do.   If your intentions are for
breeding purposes, well the smaller tank could house 2 or three species
if the decor is set up correctly.... making the tank set up like into 2
or 3 mini breeding areas would help seperate the species.   I could see
a nice Nijsenni, Cacatuoides and Viejita set up in a well planted and
terraced 66 gallon tank.   Now the larger 6 foot 108 gallon tank, i
would say you could possibly do maybe 4 species.   Now of course i
really wouldnt recommend this at all.   I would take the smaller 4 ft
tank, plant the heck out of it, with some nice drift wood and rock work
and put on of the larger species in there and let them colony spawn.
Bitaeniata, Maulbruter,  Elizabethae  would come to mind as a single
species colony tank.   Believe me when i say this sort of tank set up
looks awesome, as ive spawned all three species in 55 gallon tanks where
i had 2 males and maybe like 5 - 7 females with appropriate amount of
flower pots or caves set up in the tank for each male and female to hide
in.   Once a pair sets up an area and fry start appearing in the tank,
the other females end up spawning and fry swim through out the tank
intermingling with other fry to the point no one really knows whos fry
is who.    I just remove the largest fry sometimes as they start
becoming sexable to another rearing tank for grow out and potential

The larger 108 gallon tank, well plant it heavily, set it up with lots
of caves and driftwood and see what works...... just put in fish from
diferent complexes so that no potential hybridization could occur.
Also keeps potential fighting down as males wont court females not
related to themselves....I could see a very nice Cacatuoides, Panduro
and Aggie tank set up.  

Be creative and start slow and go easy and see what works.....   

If you're not interested in breeding purposes, you could put tons of
different males in those tanks and would have lots of great color!!
You might even want to try mixing in some bolivian rams and

John Wubbolt
Tupper Lake, NY

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