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Re: problems with list

Elson/Frauley wrote:
> Hi all
>         Am I the only one having technical problems with this list? A lot of stuff gets
> returned, and I've discovered. after an accidental private e-mail to 

I have a GREAT DEAL (yes, I'm e-shouting) of trouble with this list
which irritates me a great deal and has made me want to unsubscribe.
I always get bounces when I send to the list, and I sometimes get
bounces even when I other people submit to the list.

It is only because I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the list owner,
and know something of the internet technology that he must fiddle with
that I put up with it altho I am very close to my limit.

I have recommended to the list owner that he get a sophisticated
list manager instead of just using sendmail aliases but he has
not done so (I'm sure he has good reasons)

I can offer my help to resolve this problem.

Frank O'Carroll