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apistogramma gibbiceps

Hi, holiday greetings, hope you're all relaxing after xmas. I have a question. I 
recently got a pair of Apistogramma gibbiceps that came in as 'contaminants' with a 
shipment of tetras. they're a much nicer fish than the photos in my sources would 
suggest. The literature I have offers very little in terms of info, and some of it's 
contradictory - I get the feeling these fish have never had the popularity they would 
appear to deserve. Has anyone out there kept and/or spawned them, and if so, could you 
send some pointers my way.
	PS - the 21 pandurini I tried to raise on my own croaked - the 25 or so I missed 
(they were hidden in 2 pits - smart fish...damn good thing) are prospering with their 
parents. They spend a remarkable amount of time in their mother's mouth. My unscientific 
observation is: it ain't mouthbrooding, but it's more 'intense' than is usual for other 
apistos I've spawned. Curious. Fun pastime, this one.
					Gary Elson (Montreal)