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New subscriber

Hi !

Thought I'd make a short introduction of myself to the list.

I've been in the hobby for some 14 yrs now, having a 4 yr
long break for studies which I'm now "recovering" from. For
the last 10 yrs my main interest has been dwarf cichlids
(mostly South American) with a particularly soft spot for
the Apistos. I currently have 18 tanks, sized from 15 to
540 liters (approx. 4 to 140 gal for the non-metric fellows),
but I have plans for more.... ;-) Yes, I do suffer from the
notorious "Just one more tank"-illness !!

I currently keep:
Apistogramma agassizii, nijsseni, sp. "Four-stripes",
sp. "Rio" (this name is from the importer, the species
resembles Ap. caetei closely, imported from Sao Paulo)
Laetacara dorsigera, thayeri
Mikrogeophagus ramirezi
Taeniacara candidi

and a few killies, tetras, catfish and a lot of plants.


- -- 
Fredrik Ljungberg, Linkoping, Sweden