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Re: Red Apistos -Reply

>>> Steven J. Waldron <swaldron@slip.net> 02/26/98 01:12am >>>
>> I always considered the male rotpunkt
a bit more on the cacatuoides side of the spectrum than macmasteri. The
females show strong affinities to the macmasteri group. Great fish though,
adaptable to hard/alkaline water and very productive.
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Steve and Ken,

It is interesting on the rotpunkt....Wayne Leibel (1994) and Mike Wise =
(1991) placed rotpunkt as a bridging species between the macmasteri and =
regani group (specifically eunotus complex).  It was also theorized that =
the macmasteri group arouse from the eunotus complex.   I like bridging =
species because they can help show evolution, in the latest literature I =
have seen though they are dropping the bridging species and lumping them =
into the different complexes (or subcomplexes if it is the German system). =
 The other bridging species I know about are Breitbinden as a bridge =
between macmasteri/cacatuoides.  A. roraime a pertensis/gibbiceps bridge, =
but in recent literature I have seen roraime used as a synonym for =
gibbiceps.   A. gephyra as a pertensis group(iniridae complex)/agasizii =
bridge.   Balzfleck as a pertensis group (pertensis complex)/steindachneri =
bridge however now Balzfleck is in its own group.    Norberti as a =
possbible cacatuoides/nijsseni bridge.  Ever changing, like I said most of =
these have been phased out now, but I think it is neat to know the old =
stuff and where it started from.=20

I hear A sp sunset will be in the nijsenni complex and A sp. Rio Mamore =
possibly  in with trifasciata....really don't know on  the later I have =
not had the experience to see this fish yet!   Anyone spawn either Rio =
Mamore or sunset??