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Re: Parasitized Apistogrammoides

Hi Steve,

I thought I would re-post the information given to me 
recently  by Dionigi which saved my nijsseni 

Hope you can save them, I long been on the lookout for 
Apistogrammoides without success.

Ken Laidlaw <wrote: <<<<<
My previously healthy pair of A.nijsseni have stopped 
feeding.  They were fine until a week ago when 
they just seemed to lose interest in food.

I have a guppy in the tank as a dither and it is fine and 
feeding.  I have fed some live food, bloodworms and daphnia 
but these were also fed to my panduro and they are OK.

I have done a couple of water changes (water pH=6.5) over 
the last couple of days and added a treatment for internal 
bacterial disease. (...)>>>>>>>

Ken, bacterial diseases are relatively less likely to manifest 
themselves as lack of appetite only.
This type of symptom is more typically due to Hexamita 
(Spironucleus) or intestinal worms, and occasionally to
skin or gill parasites.
Metronidazole and a broad spectrum de-wormer (flubenol
for example) would be my first choice, followed by 
formalin+malachite green (for skin and gill protozoans,
 carefully using the dosages and precautions listed on fish 
health books) if there is no prompt improvement with the former 
two medications.


My reply after treatment......

Thanks for your tips, my A.nijsseni have recovered and are 
now eating well.  Here is what I did following your advice.

I treated them with levamisole hydrochloride to try and 
purge any internal parasites present.  I also treated with 
Octozin (TM) which claims to cure Hexamita.  Metranizadole 
or any anti-biotics are not available without prescription 
here in the UK.  

Thanks for your help, let's hope they have a 
successful spawn soon.