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Re: new partisipent

In a message dated 3/4/98 9:22:07 PM, you wrote:

<< keep and breed 4 out of 7species of Apisto with Pairs of Angels, who
also have fry, and I have never had any problems as for 4yrs
Could anyone tell me if they have ever tried this method ?>>

Congratulations!  While I have never had two different species spawning in the
same tank,  I have had several dwarves  successfully raise broods in comunity
tanks. I have sometimes entertained a pipe dream of maintaining a tank with
Discus, dwarf cichlid, and maybe bristlenose catfish all successfully
spawning.  It sounds like your most of the way there already.  Keep up the
good work, and remember that there are many different ways to succesfully
spawn our fish, and whatever you find rewarding is worthwhile.
P.S.  I would love to see a picture showing both your Apisto. and your Angels
guarding broods of free swimming fry, although it would probably be a next to
impossible shot to get to come out well.