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Re: new partisipent

Jeff writes:

<< Congratulations!  While I have never had two different species spawning in
> same tank,  I have had several dwarves  successfully raise broods in
> tanks. I have sometimes entertained a pipe dream of maintaining a tank with
> Discus, dwarf cichlid, and maybe bristlenose catfish all successfully
> spawning.  It sounds like your most of the way there already.  Keep up the
> good work, and remember that there are many different ways to succesfully
> spawn our fish, and whatever you find rewarding is worthwhile.
> Jeff  >>

I would be impressed if this tank is smaller than 75 gallons.  I have seen
Nannacara spawning with A borrellii in a 135.
Angels can take over a very large area, and are extrmely aggressive.  But in
the wild, they share their streams with scads of other fish.   Considering the
density of fish populations I have seen while snorkling in the rivers of
Florida (Yeah, gators and all.  You gotta put a little excitement in your life
somewhere!!), I suspect the "overstocking" approach that was mentioned in a
thread a couple weeks back might be the best approach to this idea in our own

Your dream of spawning cichlids with bristlenoses is an unlikely scenario to
bring to reality, as plecos are notorious egg predators.

Bob Dixon