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Re: Red Apistos -Reply -Reply

>>> Jota Melgar <jsmelgar@compuserve.com> 03/05/98 11:15pm >>>

>I would place the A. sp. sunset in the cacatuoides complex. Besides the
>rounded caudal fin, it resembles A. cacatuoides in body shape, >including
>the pronounced dorsal fin lappets.=20


Do you mean the cacatuoides comples and then cac. subcomplex or nijsenni =
subcomplex (or in the american system cacatuoides group and then complex...=
or nijsseni complex).  I assume you mean in both cacatuoides classification=
s.  I haven't gotten to see this fish yet other than in a slide from Uwe 6 =
mo ago.  Has anyone spawned them and if so what conditions.