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New tank

Hi everybody... I'm new to this list.

I've kept Rams, Kribensis and Curviceps before and had some success at
breeding the latter 2 types.  Anyway, I've got a 55 US gallon tank (5' long)
which I keep Discus and tetras in and I'm thinking of getting another 35 US
gallon tank (36" long) to keep Rams in.  I'm wondering how many Rams I can
keep in that size of tank and whether or not I can keep other Dwarf Cichlids
in with the Rams.  I plan on putting in some other fish like a school of
Rummy nose tetras and Corydoras's.  What ratio of male to female Rams should
I keep? What about Keyhole Cichlids? Would the same ratio apply for Keyholes
as for Rams?  Are they suitable together?  Would a 300 US gallon per hour
filter be too strong for that tank? Any comments appreciated.

Thanks and catchya later

Noel Sampol