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Bad idea

Lilia Stepanova wrote: <<<<<
 Tea as a softener?!
Can normal tea be used as a softener? I mean normal Ceylon tea, no 
artificial anything? (...)
(Just did it with my one of my tanks for some crazy reason and anxious
know what kind of effect caffeine will have on my fish!)>>>>>

I strongly disagree with this sort of pseudo-experiment,
especially considering the tea content of substances
(alkaloids) which have effects on the nervous system.
Experiments involving the welfare of animals should be based 
on the basis of some form of logic and of relevant need, 
not just to see "what happens if ....".  Some people may
even be more radical than that.
Hopefully you were well meant, and hopefully you will
reconsider your decisions. Peat is an easy to find and
established mean to obtain black water, and I am sure
you will be very happy with the idea to have done 
everything you can to avoid exposing your precious 
animals to unnecessary risks.

Dionigi Maladorno
This message presents personal opinions which are not necessarily those
of my employer.