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Re: Sexing A. Nijsseni

Thanks for the information everyone, I'll watch out for the various changes
in the fish, however the owner of my LFS (who owes me a couple of favours)
has said he'll get some in stock for me if I only have a single sex and let
me have first pick.

As for the YAF I saw the the following dwarfs

A. Nijsseni UK5.00pr (bought a 2)
A. Agassizi "Double Red" UK12.50pr (got)
A. Cacatuiodes "orange" UK9.50pr (got)
A. Cacatuiodes "Double Red" UK9.50pr (got)
A. Trifaciata UK 9.50 (had run out of money by the time I'd found them)
Pelvicachromis Taeniatus "Nage" UK14.00pr (got) (also a bit expensive for a
P. Taeniatus "Nigerian Red" UK 7.00pr (reasonable size bought a pair)
N. Nudiceps UK 4.00e (lg. fish bought a pair inclined to believe they are N.
M. Ramerizi (German variety) UK 8.00pr (how many do you want)

Someone said that there was also another Pelvicachromis sp.. but I never saw
them, there where a lot more fish available for sale this year, but the
quantity & quality of dwarfs was somewhat disappointing.

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Date: 24 March 1998 11:11
Subject: Re: Sexing A. Nijsseni

>What other Apistos (& other dwarfs) were offered for sale
>at the YAF?  I have noticed a pleasing increase in the
>number of fish available recently.  At present I have
>nijsseni and panduro but others I have seen for sale (or
>obtained by aquaintances) are:
>A. norberti
>A. sp emerald
>A. sp aff geisleri
>Nannochromis transvestitus
>N.parilus (sols as nudiceps)
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