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Re: N.nudiceps

Jota Melgar wrote:
> Kaycy,
> The information came from African Cichlids I, Cichlids from West Africa by
> Linke and Staeck. There they show 2 pictures of N. parilus, one of which is
> the typical N. parilus that we often see in stores. The other one looks
> more like the picture of N. nudiceps. The authors go on to say that
> offspring of N. parilus showed both color forms.
> Perhaps Tom Wojtech can shed some light on the presence of both color forms
> in the offspring.
> Julio
Hi all, 
I don't know if this sheds light, but I consistently had both colour
forms in my spawnings of parilus a few years ago. I guess I'm just
adding anecdotal evidence for something - what it says I can't say.
- -Gary