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Re: Storing water (not really off topic)

Tim writes:

> I was not able to find a 'food safe' barrel where I live for storing RO
>  water.  Does anybody have any suggestions as to what else would work, like
>  what brand of garbage can.  Thanks

That's a good question.  Since plastic stuff here in the US comes with a
recycling info label (a triangle of arrows with a number inside and an
abbreviation below), maybe someone can simply tell us which of these recycle
tags we should either look for or avoid.

Meanwhile, if you live in a town with a meatpacker who makes pickle-loaf, talk
to them about buying one of the pickle barrels.  Generally they will gladly
sell it to you for the price of their security deposit from the pickle
company.  These barrels smell for  a while, but they don't contribute anything
harmful to the water.

Bob Dixon

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